Cullen McBroom

Muldoon Office

Cullen’s family has been involved in the Memorial Business since 1957.  Cullen’s ability to create and design memorials can be credited to his father C.J. McBroom.  Having worked with his father since he was 16 years old he quickly learned the importance of helping families the right way.

Cullen’s career at Muldoon has allowed him to meet people from every walk of life all across Kentucky. Along with creating personal memorials he has also help create military memorials, police memorials and fireman memorials.  Local artist have relied on Cullen to provide granite pedestals for their statues.

Cullen and his wife Robin have 3 children, April, Jeremy and Jacob and currently 3 grandchildren whom he thoroughly enjoys. From the outdoors to sporting events Cullen pretty much enjoys anything that involves family and friends.

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